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Once upon a time

Once Upon a Time is a board game based on the plot of an American fairy tale television series. Number of players: from 2 to 6 people. Once Upon a Time is a game in which players work together to create a story using cards that represent typical elements of fairy tales. One player is the storyteller and creates a story using the ingredients on their cards. For each card given in their hand, the player will rely on it to tell the story in the most fluent and reasonable way. They try to steer the plot toward their own ending. Other players try to use cards to interrupt the storyteller and become the new storyteller. The winner is the first player to play all of their cards and end up with their Happy Ever After card. From the creative minds of Lost executive producers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis comes a bold new vision of a world where fairy tales and modern times are about to collide. A favorite board game to play with the family is [connect 4]( Try exercising your brain with your members on warm evenings!

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