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New product addition to the Jade wallet

I have an idea for the Jade/ Green wallet that I'd like to discuss. I have no coding ability, but would love to go over the idea with a programmer.

Given claim_script does not match the given Bitcoin transaction.

I can't find a way to claim the peg-in on the liquid network. If any more information is necessary, ask me. Thanks for your help. Node versions used: Bitcoin Core v26 Elements Core v22.1.1 Contents of elements.conf server=1 listen=1 txindex=1 validatepegin=1 mainchainrpccookiefile=/media/data/.cookie nrpccookiefile=/media/elements/data/liquidv1/.cookie maxconnections=20 At this time blockstream indicates that the transaction has 107 confirmations. Proof is like three times longer than raw raw length: 380 proof length: 1016 I'm trying to claim a peg-in and I get the following error: elements-cli claimpegin <raw> <proof> \<claim_script> error code: -8 error message: Given claim_script does not match the given Bitcoin transaction. I have gone over all the points of the process, both peg-in and claim, and I don't see where I am making the mistake.

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