Welcome to the Liquid developer documentation.
Here you can find everything you need to jump-start your journey to building on Liquid.

What's the goal of this site?

We hope that this site can be a good starting point in your journey to learn about how the Liquid Network is structured, how it works and what are its key features so you can start building your project. We also want this site to be an evolving resource for developers already immersed in the Liquid ecosystem so you can get those extra details that can help you fully unlock the potential of your project.

What is the Liquid Network?

The Liquid Network is a Bitcoin layer-2 solution enabling fast, confidential settlement and issuance of digital assets, such as stablecoins, security tokens, and other financial instruments, on top of the Bitcoin blockchain. The goal of the Liquid Network is to be Bitcoin's financial layer and form the foundations for the financial infrastructure of the future.

What will I find here?

In this site you will find a Technical Overview of Liquid and a tutorial on how to get started Building On Liquid.

Additionally you will find information about common concepts on Liquid like Confidential Transactions and Asset Issuance and also popular tools on Liquid for trustless Swaps and the construction of complex financial products like Options Contracts.

Finally, you will also find sections focused on AMP (Blockstream's solution to manage digital assets like security tokens), Libwally (open source library for Bitcoin and Liquid wallet primitives) and Green Development Kit (an open source Bitcoin and Liquid wallet software solution to build server, desktop and mobile applications).

How can I contribute?

We want this site to be a dynamic resource repository that provides useful information for Liquid developers so we want to hear your thoughts and suggestions to constantly improve it together.

On the top navigation bar there's a tab for "Feedback & Requests" were you can post your suggestions and up-vote other users comments if what you need is already captured there.

Additionally, every section in this site has a "Suggest Edits" button at the top right corner. You can use this option to submit changes if you spot inaccurate information or if you think there are missing details that would be useful to add. After you submit your edits, we will review them and make a final decision as soon as possible.